About One Heart

The good news is that unity networks exist all over the world. The Holy Spirit has been calling leaders together in unity, breaking down denominational barriers and creating the one relationally-based Church in their localities for many years. Many leaders are now declaring that there is but one Church in their community expressed as many congregations.

While there are remarkable gains in church unity, there remain obstacles and issues. These challenges have disheartened some grassroot networks. ONE HEART exists for mutual encouragement as the Church explores together the Biblical model of one Church in each community and how to move forward in the light of the challenges.

There remains a desperate need for relational healing and unity in the Church. The divisions deny the gospel its witness, and God His glory. The story behind the divisions is the incredible pain that many Christian leaders experience, only matched by the pain of relational breakdown in every community in the nation.

  • Vision


    In every city and town, there exists multiple local churches and Christian ministries. The vision of ONE HEART is for the leaders of these local churches to develop relational unity through prayer, fellowship and effective mission to their respective community, in line with John 17.

  • Mission


    ONE HEART seeks to identify, connect and support networks of Christian leaders and organisations actively working towards unity and mission in their communities and cities.

  • Values


    Love, Humility & Relationships.

A brief history

ONE HEART, as a small, relationally-based group of Christian leaders from across the nation, has existed since the late nineties, encouraging unity and mission in the Australian Church at a grassroots level.

We believe

A healed church precedes a healed community and nation.

Unity between leaders, congregations, denominations and parachurch ministries is vital for the transformation of society for the Kingdom of God.

Biblical unity is relational, Kingdom-focused, courageous, honest, repentant, forgiving, reconciling and unconditional. It is born out of love and expressed through service, fellowship and prayer.

Unity ushers in shalom (well-being and wholeness).

Therefore we commit to

Developing and maintaining deep, intimate, accountable and affirming relationships with other pastors, leaders and the congregations and ministries they represent.

Serving, promoting and loving the Body of Christ unconditionally.

Repenting publicly of our suspicion, pride and competition with other leaders, congregations and denominations, and seeking forgiveness and reconciliation when necessary.

Practising and promoting unity to our congregations, ministries and denominations.

Educating and challenging our congregations and denominations toward greater unity and therefore effectiveness.

Meeting the urgent and desperate cries of humanity, locally and internationally.

Taking the message and model of unity to those within our influence, starting with our own congregations and ministries and extending to the congregations and ministries of our communities and nations.

Giving our time, prayer, talents and finances to the cause of unity.

Developing a strategy including outcomes, timelines and measures to ensure that unity progresses.

Our place, because it matters to God.

The gospel, in word and deed, needs to be the focus of the church to that place.

The good news of Jesus is for the whole of society including the spheres of government, business, health, media, education, judiciary and family.

Structure of One Heart

ONE HEART functions with a steering committee as listed below. Its office is in Toowoomba City Church in Toowoomba, Queensland. Communication will be via a website and newsletter. Resources, further forums and networking opportunities are being developed.

Current One Heart Leaders

  • Ian Shelton

    Ian Shelton

    (Toowoomba, Coordinator)

  • Joshua Townsend

    Joshua Townsend

    (Toowoomba, Secretary)

  • Rick Prosser

    Rick Prosser


  • Nick Scott

    Nick Scott


  • Letitia Shelton

    Letitia Shelton


  • Hengki Widjaja

    Hengki Widjaja


  • Andrew Youngberry

    Andrew Youngberry


  • Brian Pickering

    Brian Pickering


  • Greigory Whittaker

    Greigory Whittaker


  • Ken Graham

    Ken Graham


  • Jamie Pryor

    Jamie Pryor


Denominational & Ministry Networks

ONE HEART recognises the place and the authority of the leaders of the various branches of the church in the nation. ONE HEART desires to work with the denominational leaders and ministry network leaders to encourage pastors and ministries at the community level to work together for unity and mission in their locality as a priority. The wellbeing of towns and cities depends on the spiritual and relational health of a healed and unified Church.